Tuesday, May 22, 2012

my outfit: minty fresh!

I am admittedly a bad, bad blogger lately when it comes to outfit pictures.  While I've still been getting "dressed" every day I haven't been wanting to photograph the outfits.  Reasons?  Well, one is that I just plain haven't felt like it.  Another is that I feel like I am dressing more for myself these days. I've gotten sick of wondering if an outfit is "blog worthy" or not and have focused more on just feeling like "me" in an outfit.  This leads to lots of days in my chambray top, striped shirt or cutoff shorts... like, uh, lots.

But Sunday night my husband and I went out for dinner and I even put heels on (!!!!) so he insisted we at least do some iPhone photos.  So here they are.

(I'm secretly glad he talked me into it.)

T-shirt, Gap
Jeans, Target (similar)
Shoes, Nine West
Tote, J.Crew (similar)

Also,  on a completely other note... I found this article the other day completely sickening.  The article is entitled "How not to go into debt over personal styling" and basically it gives bloggers tips on how not to go into debt from having a blog.  I want you gals to know that I would never go in debt for you - and I hope you take that as a compliment.  I love blogging... but I DON'T BUY CLOTHES JUST TO BLOG ABOUT THEM.  And I never will.  Why would you take that as a compliment?  Here's why:

  • Because I don't take for granted that you are a regular gal just like me just trying to get dressed and feel her best each days.
  • Because I don't feel the need to impress you. I am who I am.  (inspire you maybe... if I would be so blessed)
  • Because I feel like (and hope) you trust me that when I say I live on a budget and live well - that I really mean it.
  • Because I see you and me as equals.  
  • Because I don't expect you to spend your hard earned money on something that I wouldn't spend my hard earned money on too.
  • Because as much as I love fashion and clothes - they are not the most important things in life.  I know that for sure.

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Kristina said...

First off, love this outfit...props to your hubby for talking you into pics! Secondly, thank you for posting the 2nd half of this! I love my readers but have no intentions of going into debt to impress them. I hope that they're reading because of who I am and how I style what I have (and not buying ridiculously expensive clothing)! Keep up the great work Jill! And you ARE an inspiration :)

xx Kristina


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