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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day ladies! I've got a fun little treat for you in honor of Mothers Day... my own mom interviewing me here about my thoughts on motherhood, some memories about when I was growing up and some other fun tid-bits!  Read on...

(my mom and I, about two years ago)

So Jill, in honor of Mother's Day I thought we'd do a little interview. I'll interview you. Let's talk about Mom and Kid stuff first. 

What's your favorite thing to do with your kids and what most surprised you about being a Mom? 

I think my favorite thing to do with my kids is watch them experience new things... when I take them to the movies or the zoo or like recently, to Disney on Ice for the first time - I just watch them instead of the show.  I love to see their faces light up and I can almost see their little brains working behind their eyes.  And it reminds me how blessed I am to give them these amazing experiences.  I hope we always find ways to have new experiences as a family.

As far as what I was surprised about? I would say that all the cliches about motherhood are in fact true.  That you will love them more than you thought possible, that it will be harder than you could have imagined and that whenever they aren't near you will miss them like crazy (even if they were just driving you insane 5 minutes prior).  Also, I'm still surprised that I have been THIS tired for almost 8 years.  At this point it's safe to say I'll never catch up on my sleep.  So I guess morale of the story is always trust a good cliche.  No matter how cheesy it might be.

What is your most....."I'm being soooo like my Mom" trait? (good or bad, I can take it)

Ha, there are a couple!  Lately I seem to be "preaching" a lot about responsibility and awareness of others needs in the family to the kids... I feel like a broken record, but I find myself saying things that I remember you saying all the time like "this house doesn't revolve around you!" My kids are big talkers too (as you know) and they never stop talking all day... so I also say a lot of "uh huh, yep, okay, uh huh" and your voice rings in my head when I do.  Ben and I must have talked your ears off too.  But on a nicer note... I always hear you (and your sister) in my laugh - that is mother/daughter genetics at it's best right there.

 My little Grandkids say the most amazing things. When I was there 2 weeks ago, in the middle of Noah's soccer game Abigail leaned over to you and said, "Mom, when did I first fall in love with Noah?".... I could have died and gone to heaven right then! What's one of your favorite little quotes you hold in your heart?

That was an adorable moment... I feel so lucky to have kids that love each other.  As far as quotes... I don't know if I remember any specific times off the top of my head. But I will say any time I get a random "I love you mom" from the kids I feel like I know I am doing my job right.  Sometimes it will be when I drop them off at school or while they are deep in thought coloring or randomly at the park.  But that is always the best.

...and what's a favorite sibling memory you have? 

I feel like Ben and I had lots of fun sibling memories... I remember our family trips to Florida and chasing lizards and swimming.  I remember lots of creative play with him too - like setting things up.  Fake factories in the kitchen or veterinarian clinics in the living room.  Those types of things seem to stick out the most.

 You LOVED dolls as a kid. All kinds. But Barbies the most. I guess you loved dressing them up (surprise) and decorating their spaces. I remember you and little girlfriends "setting up" Barbies behind couches, in bedrooms, everywhere around the house. And the whole family had to "live around them" for days, until I'd had enough. You never know what life is preparing you for!

Yes, I LOVED Barbies! I remember playing endlessly with them... and the clothes were the best part!

 Jill, you have an amazing talent that shows through here on your blog. You are not only able to put together outfits that all of us can shop for but also help us work through our closets. In addition to that you speak to women who are looking for style solutions in work environments and women who are staying at home. I also love the fact that you give advice for all ages of women. 

I try!  It feels great hearing that from you... not just because you are my mother (and maybe a little biased) but also because we are from different generations.  To be able to inspire multiple generations is a gift... I hope I am using that gift to the best of my ability.

 Remember when we used to "share clothes" when you were in high school. Then you went away to college and we had to wait until we saw one another to swap. Yeah, that's when you got a job at the Gap and all your clothes were WAY better than mine!

Yes, I remember we had a few sweaters that were the favorites and we would swap them back and forth on breaks... you would call and say "don't forget to bring such-and-such sweater with you when you come home!"

 I'm a sucker for those interview questions in magazines, you know the ones that are asked of famous people. Actually, they can be very interesting, inspiring and fun. Let's try a few and learn a few things about you besides what we see here on the blog.

One thing that I can do better than anyone else is..... make soup.  I think I am a natural.  Plus, who doesn't love a yummy bowl of homemade soup?
I always feel saner when....... no surprise here: when I am well rested or have had a nap.  Isn't it Pooh bear who says "but first, a nap."  He was on to something!
I believe in..... love. God. And most days I just try to believe in myself.
The bravest thing I've ever done is....... stuck to this blogging thing.  I pinch myself every day on how far I have come... then I get back to work.
My favorite holiday tradition of all time is...... spoiling my kids on Valentines.  I remember getting spoiled by you and dad and it made the fact that I never spent a Valentines with a "significant" other until I met Andrew completely bare-able.
My advice to women younger than me is.......  seek out your dreams now. Right this minute.  Don't waste time and don't take no for an answer when it comes to living the life you have dreamed of.  That and travel more.
One of my proudest moments..... I don't know that that day is behind me, my kids endlessly amaze me with their talents.  I can't wait to see what they have in store for me.
and of course 5 things you can't live with out..... sleep, candy, my computer, my husband and books (although my blog readers probably knew that about me already).

This was fun Mom!  Thanks for thinking of this fun idea and taking the time to ask some questions!

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