Tuesday, May 29, 2012

color trend: peachy keen!

(The 80's called.  They said "we told you so")

While I will never (please never, never) put a scrunchy in my hair again or wear splatter-paint tank tops - there are certain trends from the 80's that I do love to see modernized again.  Pastels are one of them... and peach definitely falls under the "raised from the 80's dead" category.

Peach these days is feminine and sweet and quite modern.  Plus, I think it looks great with a little tan... which I just so happened to work on all weekend.  Oh, and all the items I chose here are under $100 (most under $50!) so click away with zero guilt... you know you wanna.

ps. but maybe let's not buy any peach toilet seat covers or sofas... let's agree to that.  K, 2012?

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