Thursday, April 19, 2012

my life in Instas.

Another installment of my life in Instagram photos...

I feel like I don't get overly personal here on the blog but it is fun to give you glimpses into my personal life outside of the blog (I do have one!).  I feel like the blog is getting pushed to the side these days with a lately particularly busy life... but that is how life goes sometimes, everything ebbs and flows.  These posts help remind me too that I am more than just my blog.

 1. I love this Revlon Colorstay Lip Butter... in sweet tart!  It's soft and doesn't taste weird and I love that you can put one coat on for a little color, or a lot of coats for a lot of color.
2. I just swapped out these BIG BOLD black lampshades for boring neutral ones that came with these (ultra cheap) lamps.  The black shades bring a fun sophistication to my living room. I don't know if the pictures show how BIG they really are. I love em!
3. Over spring break we set up a big jigsaw puzzle on the coffee table in the living room. Everyone helped out to put it together (including my 4 year old daughter who as it turns out is a puzzle whiz!  She must take after me...)
4. This was my Easter brunch spread.  It was so easy and I think one of the most delicious meals I've ever served! I just did fruit, bakery bread with jams & butter, mini-quiches and sausage!  Oh and mimosas too!
1. With the warm temps in March and now cool temps in April my red buds have stayed blooming for longer than usual! Score!  They are so pretty...
2. My daughter is prepping for her big spring dance recital.  She just got her costume last week - SO cute!  They are doing a tap routine to Jonas Brothers, it is seriously to die for!
3. Hotdogs with the family at Yesterdog (only THE BEST HOT DOGS in all of Michigan) - I treated myself to TWO!  
4. At home pedi and mani in bright orange... summer here we come!

1. A mango for breakfast... usually I share with my kids, but this one was so good I ate the whole thing! Yum!
2. The recent wind storms knocked over one of our lilac bushes (so sad!) so I plucked some
 blooms off of it before they died.  They smell divine!
3. Speaking of lilacs... the kids bathroom is painted and tile is almost done. I chose a lite dusty purple for the walls. It's totally different for me, but I think will look great!
4. Did you snag the new domino special issue? I liked it (not loved, unfortunately) and saw that another one will be released this fall too.  Did you like it?

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