Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my outfit: sequined duffle!

When I mentioned in this past post that I had just bought this gorgeous sequined duffle, I wasn't even sure (wait for it... ) if I even like the thing myself. I mean, I liked it, but I had gotten it in the mail a few weeks earlier and hadn't whipped it out yet and I was having doubts.  But then you gals were so enthused about it, and it was contagious.  So I packed up this beauty and brought it to Austin with me!  And boy am I glad I did.

This bag made more friends than I did.  I on the one hand am a complete wall-flower.  My bag - not so much!  Also, it's the perfect size and comfortable to carry. So those were major bonuses.

In completely other news... it was POURING rain (again) on this day, when we took these pictures even. Thank goodness for some randomly good light and a little Photoshop action.  Woop!

So to sum up: we are thankful for sequined bags, my amazing readers that have a better eye than I do, good light on rainy days, Linda to take pictures of me on said days and Photoshop.  And neon, let's not leave neon out.

I also need to thank Towne & Reese for outfitting me with some really fabulous jewelry pieces for the Texas Style Council.  I'm seriously in love with their stuff - you should check them out.

Deux Lux duffle, via GILT (for super cheap!)
Blazer, American Eagle
Scarf, LOFT (courtesy of)
Jeans, Gap
Sweater, J.Crew
Earrings, Towne & Reese (courtesy of)
Boots, ShoeMint (courtesy of)


Don't forget...  For all you gals that were at Texas Style Council and want to debrief a little bit - OR if you would have loved to be at Texas Style Council but couldn't make it... join Linda and I (she was my roomie) TONIGHT for a fun live web-chat about the conference.  We'll dish on the inspiration, the fashionable gals we met and all our crazy adventures.  

It is SO easy to participate... the web-chat will take place TONIGHT at 9/8c.
Simply log-on at (I think you have to give them your name and email to participate, but that's it) and then you can leave comments, questions and interact with us and other participants.  It's FREE and it's going to be super fun!

We would REALLY love for you to join us!

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