Thursday, March 15, 2012

my outfit: Austin sunshine!

On Sunday the sun FINALLY, finally came out in Austin after all.that.rain.  And boy was I happy to see it... It seriously felt like I had never seen sun before in my whole existence.  I was super tired after the late night the previous night (holla, Poshmark Party!) plus the time change, I definitely needed a little pick me up.

Also, after wearing heels for three straight days I decided to go ultra comfy with a simple striped top, a fun colorful scarf and flats (PTL for flats!).  Stripes plus a dash of color is definitely my go to for a simple outfit combo.  And this look didn't disappoint in style of comfort.  Sunday's Texas Style Council activities included panels and keynote speeches (i.e. 6 hours of sitting and listening) - so this was definitely the perfect look.

Thanks again to Linda for taking my pictures!

Scarf, Gap
Striped Top, Gap
Jeans, Gap
Belt, Gap
Flats, Steve Madden
Sunglasses, BonLook (I won them!)

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