Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my outfit: basic!

These days I seem to be craving ultra-simple outfits.  I love to layer, I love to love my outfit for the day and I love to be creative in putting those outfits together BUT I just want a simple relaxed style.  It feels as if it's a shift in my personal style... it could be temporary or a reflection of the busy season (wanting to simplify in spite of the busy-ness) - I'm not sure.  But it feels good.  Simplicity often feels good even though it's easy to forget that.

With this simplicity that I am seeking I am reaching for my most basic pieces and trying to look and feel very un-fussy in them.  Relaxed and comfortable is my total goal lately.

This may make me a 'boring' blogger... I hope not.  I feel like it's just the evolution of my personal style. Does it ever feel like your personal style is always evolving as well?  Who knows... next week I may be on to something else!

Striped Sweater, Forever 21
Beige Turtleneck, Old Navy
Jeans, Gap
Shoes, Dolce Vita
Watch, Fossil via Nordstrom Rack (courtesy of)
Bangles, Gold: Forever 21, Red: Marc Jacobs
Clutch, Mimi's the Look (courtesy of)

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