Friday, August 19, 2011

what to wear: weekend!

The countdown is on... there are two more weeks (three weekends!) of summer remaining - that is if you consider Labor Day the "end" of summer.  My kids go back to school the week after Labor Day so these next two weeks will be full of pool time and cartoons and general laziness before the back to school madness begins.  We have SO much fun stuff going on this fall that I can't wait to dig into it (and by fun stuff, I mean... my kids being in school - ha, that's my kind of fun!).

This weekend, grab your favorite cut-offs and a stack of bracelets and enjoy the pool, the beach, the farmers market, your backyard or all of the above!  Let's usher summer out in style!

Have a great weekend... dish - what do you have planned!?!?


e.kinnear said...

Our schools started this past Wednesday! I don't actually have kids but school starting in the area definitely makes summer feel already over :(. Too bad our temps are still in the 90s and I don't get to enjoy the pool!

Adrienna said...

I wish I had this outfit! So chic and stylish. I'll probably wear my favorite, a sundress! Sometimes it is much easier than putting together jeans and a top.



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