Monday, July 18, 2011

my outfit: a friendly game...

Our neighbors invited us over for a friendly game of ladder ball and drinks recently.  So I (of course) asked myself... what does one wear exactly to play ladder ball?  And my mind instantly and without apology went blank.  The answer to that question may never be fully known.  

EDITED TO ADD: This here is ladder ball: (Sportcraft Ladderball).  It's fun.

So instead I asked myself, what does one wear to go have drinks with the neighbors?  Now, that folks, that I can wrap my head around.

Good thing ladder ball is more a game of luck than skill.  Because I have a teensy amount of luck where on the other hand my ladder ball skills are severely lacking.

Nothing like a little summer fun!

On another note... it's this sweet girls' FOURTH birthday today.  She rocks my world. What a sweety!   And yes, she dresses this fabulous pretty much everyday. I can't stand the outfits she pulls together. Too cute!  Pink ruffled top? Check. Leopard print leggings? Check. Pink patent leather flats with jewels? Check.  Wall to climb? Check.

Black Top, Gap (similar)
White Jeans, Gap (similar)
Bracelets, Forever 21 (similar)
Sandals, Forever 21

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Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Abigail! She's a doll. So I don't even know what Ladder Ball is, so I would be equally perplexed as to what to wear ;)

Kristen said...

Your girl is precious! I love her taste in fashion - she's even got the blogger bun!

I must confess I don't know what ladder ball is either - but you look amazing!

Linda Rose said...

we do not call that ladder ball here, but i think you dressed perfectly! and i love seeing those bracelets on you! makes me want to go get mine out!
happy birthday to that little princess. she's inspiring me! :)

Unknown said...

She's so cute! Happy B-day to her! Nice outfit you got too.

Dani said... sweet...and what a fantastic outfit she picked...If we could all pull of the leopard leggings!

Sydney said...

you look awesome! and so does your girl! I remember attempting to wear my gymnastics unitard and tutu to kindergarten, I appreciate her need for fashion

CC said...

Your little one is too adorable! And she clearly has her mama's gorgeous blue eyes.
Love the outfit too. :)


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