Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer essentials {Linley, dwelling & telling}

Hello Good Life for Less readers! So nice to meet you! I'm Linley from Dwelling and Telling - a place where I share my life and my style. I'm excited to share with you five of my summer staples. Although I try to stay simple and easy during the summer, these are five things I just cannot do without!

1. Easy and loose clothes. I'm from the south. Last year my husband and I made the move from NC to Alabama - I thought summers were rough in NC... they are nothing compared to the hot, humid air here in Alabama. When I'm hot, I want clothes that are easy to wear, will allow a nice breeze through my body, and that are simple. (shorts, similar top, similar sandals, similar dress)

2. Bright nail polish. Essie is by far my favorite nail polish brand. I love the way the formula goes on my nails and I love all the colors they have to choose from! One of a Kind is perfect for an indecisive mind like mine - it's a blend of red, orange, and coral which are all colors I love for the summer. It's on my toes all summer long! 

3. A moisturizer that provides color and SPF.  This DDF Enhancing Sun Protection moisturizer is perfect. Not only does it moisturize and protect your skin from the sun, it also has "self-blending" color spheres that give you a more even skin tone and a hint of color. During the summer I usually skip foundation and lather up in this!

4. Lip Butter. Anything that will keep my lips moisturized is in my bag - no matter the season. This particular lip butter provides the perfect pink-coral tint you want during the summer months. 

5. A fishtail braid. Much like my clothes, I like my hair to be easy. I like it to be easy and out of the way. A fishtail braid is the perfect way to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck, but still looking fabulous. I honestly love a fishtail during any season of the year, but summer time just screams fishtail braid - for me, anyway!


Bird Bug Pug said...

I love her picks, especially since her clothing looks a lot like they're pulled straight out of my wardrobe.

Also because she's a North Carolina girl like me and my husband went to school in Alabama.

I love it, going to follow her now! said...

I love these tips! And the pictures too! I so agree about the fishtail braid - nothing is better on a hot day! I can't do much with my hair in the hot humid air except a braid, otherwise it poofs up in frizziness!

I love this outfit too!

Star Hughes Living

Peta said...

i love fishtail braids but my arms get sore trying to do them!


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