Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer essentials {Jess, makeunder my life}

Jess Constable is the brilliant and savvy gal behind JessLC out of Chicaco, she offers amazing jewelry and handbags and blogs at Makeunder My Life.

Here are her summer essentials...

1. Essie Ballet Slippers nail polish for nails, any hot pink nail polish, like Essie Status Symbol, for toes - I love doing my nails and in the summer a sheer color on my nails and a bright pop of pink on my toes is perfect.

2. Gold Sperry Boat Shoes.  I was lucky to get a gold pair of boat shoes for Valentine's Day that I can't wait to wear with cuffed white jeans and t-shirts this summer.

3. Navy and White Dot Print J.Crew Bikini (top & bottom).  Though I don't honestly know how much I'll wear it - my goal each summer is to go play by the water on the weekends.... here's to hoping this year it actually happens!

4. The Green City Farmers Market. This market happens each Saturday (and Wednesday) morning and I always love to walk down there and grab a scone at the Hoosier Mama's table before they sell out.

5. Riding around on my new bike. I got an early birthday present of what I call a "fast farmer's market bike." I can't wait to take day trips with it this summer.


What are your summer essentials?


amber said...

love those gold sperrys!

Lindsay said...

I love the Green City Market! We go every week!

Linda Z said...

I'm glad to see someone fashionable wearing Sperrys! I got some the other day cause they are so comfortable, but I thought I was being kind of dorky. Now I feel better! :)

kelseywilliams said...

I love your new bike! We're in the market and I am so excited to find "the one"! :)


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