Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my outfit: get sporty!

This is day two of giving the crappy weekend weather a one-two punch. Except for with this outfit I went with extreme comfort.  The original plan was to go to the movies with the kids... wait, scratch that... the original-original plan was to be at the pool all weekend. So technically the Plan B was to take the kids to a movie.

Then the weather turned real sour with severe thunderstorms and weather.com even warned of "deadly lightening" - ummm, really?  Yeah, so we weren't about to drag the kids to the movies.  Instead I popped over to the local drugstore and snagged two red box movies and a bunch of candy (we made homemade popcorn) and instead of spending $30 - 50 at the movies we spent $7.  Score!

Wouldn't you know it... after two run throughs of Never Say Never (not so bad) and one of MasterMind (horrible... or is that movie called MegaMind, whatevs) the four of us were seriously bouncing off the walls. But luckily, we lived through the lightening.  Duh.

Any way... my husband calls these shoes my 'sporty' shoes. I don't know what that means. I just figured it was worth mentioning.

Also, I could write an entire post on my love of this orange nail polish (did I mention Jackie sent it to me? love that girl...) but I will spare you the details.  Seriously. Love.

Blue & Green Striped Top, H&M (similar)
Blue & White Striped Top, H&M (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Watch, Michael Kors
Shoes, Superga (I got mine cheaper at GILT!)
Glasses, "fun ones" from Forever 21 (similar cheap, similar drool worthy)
Nail Polish, similar to 'One of a Kind' from Essie

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Linda Rose said...

i can hardly stand how much i love this look! so great Jill! So great!
Glad you gave the weekend a kick in the booty. That's probably why you needed the sporty kicks. :)
oh, and i dare you to wear your polka dot toms this week!

Jackie said...

I'm loving this preppy/sporty look. And your hair, of course you already know that. And wow, "deadly lighting"?? What up with that? We are having some weird weather here lately too. It alternates between being hot and then all of a sudden super windy, cloudy and cold. It's really messin with my mind! It's supposed to rain on Fri and Sat too. So over it. Oh, and glad you like the nail polish-it's such a pretty color isn't it?

Becca said...

Ah, I love this look! And yay for spending $7 on movie night instead of $60. Why are theaters so expensive anyway?!

I was wondering if you've ever done an outfit post for "what to wear to a ball game(s) when it's 96 degrees outside?" I ask because my stepson is playing travel baseball for the 1st time this season and we had our 1st tournament this weekend with multiple games in one day. It was hot hot hot and I couldn't figure out what to wear! Would love any advice you have...

Laura@JourneyChic said...

You've just proven to me that "ratty" jeans (as my mom would call them) can look great! Loving that nail polish, too. Usually not an orange fan but the color you picked really works!

jen v said...

LOVE this outfit. So stinkin cute!

{molly beth} said...

you are such a cutie! come check out my 30 for 30!


thirtynothing said...


Morgan said...

I LOVE this so so much plus teach me to be skinny like you mmk??!!

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alison@MyLittleHappyPlace said...

LOVE your glasses! I've been needing a new Rx, so I hope I can find something like these that'll also help me seeeee!!!


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