Thursday, March 10, 2011

my outfit: don't go it solo.

These pictures are a testament to why I need my husband taking my photos. When I go it alone, it's quite a disaster.  Theses photos do not tell the whole story, let me just say.  Also I was VERY tired this day... you would have seen a lot of crabby/sleepy face - I saved you from it, best I could. You're welcome.

I'd rather not be going it alone in the motherhood department these days either... I know I have been a mom for like 6 years now.  I also know that I only have two kids and that my husband works normal business hours, which a lot more than most moms can say - but motherhood has me WHIPPED lately. Dead on the floor, people. Some days I think ages 6 & 3 are easy, other days my body feels like it can't do all the busy-ness anymore. I was day-dreaming about getting a job the other day - that's when I know it's bad.

But that is enough boo-hooies from me.  On to the outfit: I took the big guns out. Yes, the high heels.  My face told the story - I needed the pepping up. And nothing puts you on your toes like a pair of sky-high heels. Literally.

If you are curious how I tied my scarf... check out the recent video I did!  It's a fun way to wear a scarf/necklace. I will definitely peeping out the antique stores for more of these vintage scarves next time I go!

So what's new with you? I feel like this March "lion" is slaying me. Seriously enough already!

Scarf, Vintage
Striped Top, Forever 21
Belt, Gap (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Shoes, Target (similar - a reader said they are half off in store!)


kristen said...

Aw, you look darling! Sorry to hear the weather, and life in general is getting to you. I think that's going around a bit...if it helps. Definitely a long winter.

This is one of those times when I think it would be good to have a mother support group - where we could spill our hearts. I know I could use it! ;)

Have a good Thursday, pretty lady.

Linda said...

well you look amazing. I know those days very well—not the kid days, but the grouchy/morning face days. But I bet those high heels boosted your mood.
Love this whole outfit. Especially the necklace! I need to get one of those so I can wear it like that!

Andrea said...

Thank you for your honesty! My kids are 4 & 1 (so, basically where you were 2 years ago) and they/life has been kicking my A lately. I am glad I am not alone in wishing I could go 'relax' at a job away from home! Most of the time I love staying home with my kids but right now I am just so burnt out. As I type this (with my left hand) my one year old is nursing and kicking my typing hand away from the keyboard. Arggghhh, is it the weekend yet?


Whitney said...

thanks for the honesty!!! i have 4 - 5 and under - and some days i just want to call in sick....but i can't. nice to know i'm not the only one!

Jackie said...

I'm laughing because I daydream of getting a job when things get really bad too! Most of the time I don't even care where-I'd take slingin fries at McDonalds over some of the days I have around here! Hang in there girl-it's all you can do really!

In other news, I love that scarf technique and will definitely be trying it!

Kate said...

Ughhh same here! And I only have one (manic) almost-2-year-old. Sometimes I'm picking broken glass off the floor for the second time that day and think, I could be out to lunch right now...However I would miss all the random times he comes up to me and says "i lub oo mom". I try to remember that during the "dear god HELP me" moments!

Brooke said...

no way, i was JUST going to do a tutorial on making a scarf/necklace -- already took the photos and everything! we're right on the same page. joining the "it" list was just meant to be.

Kelly said...

I think this winter has been very rough! It is SO HARD with a three year old sometimes - the winter days seem very long. Cabin fever is running rampant over here. Hang in there, it's almost spring! (I hope).

shealennon said...

You seem to be doing a great job--especially during this KILLER winter! And I love how you're wearing this scarf--I need to try this out!

Jen Snyder said...

lol-the lion is killing me too!

Christine said...

cool outfit! I love the shoes!


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