Monday, March 21, 2011

good look for less: Heather!

Just a little housekeeping here first... thank you all (again) for such thoughtful responses to the questionnaire... I can't tell you how valuable your insight is and the encouragement as well.  There were almost 400 (yes, FOUR hundred) responses and I am taking my time reading through each one.  For the most part you all think I am right on with my posting as far as being relevant and inspiring to you.  One thing you asked for more of (and LOTS of you asked) was wardrobe consults  like in the good 'ole days.  I hear you!  Wardrobe consults are cyclical with the seasons (think about when you like to buy new clothes and that's when you have my busy season!) and I had less in the later part of the winter.  But I hear you and will bring them to you as I can! Promise!


Today's good look for less consult is for Heather.  She works part-time in a business casual environment but she wanted more outfits for outside of the office with maybe the opportunity for the items to be dressed up for the office as well. She has four kids and is super busy but still wanted to look pulled together for her everyday activities.

She had a budget of $500 and some gift cards to select stores to keep in mind.  She also already had a few favorite pairs of jeans that I included to help stretch the budget.  Here is peek at just a few of the outfits I pulled together for her:

(above: necklacejeans, topflatsjacket)

(above: jeans, topflats, jacket, bracelet)

(above: bracelet, jeanstop, shoesnecklace)

(above: necklacejeans, topflatsjacket)

As you can see, everything is very simple to mix and match and some simple accessories pull each of the looks together!  For more information on my wardrobe consultation services... click here!


Missy Langley said...

I must say that I LOVE this wardrobe consult! I almost cried when I saw that the 'leather' jacket was $26 but sold out in that camel color. My goodness I LOVE that jacket!!! This consult really fits me and my lifestyle. Thanks.

Sarah said...

Oooh, I LOVE this consult and especially the jacket as well! I, too, was bummed that it's not still available in the Cognac color. Great work!

Nicole said...

Great choices! I love the color combos and how everything is so interchangeable.

My Heart Blogged said...

I like the consult. The camel jacket is really gorgeous.
My Heart Blogged


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