Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Oh my goodness espadrilles (pronounced: sssss-pa-drills) are everywhere lately! I can't get enough of them, as they are so sweet and just scream 'summer'! Espadrilles are defined as: A shoe usually having a fabric upper part and a sole made of a flexible material, such as rope or rubber.

Here are a few that I am loving and some simple ways to style them as well...

... with a simple sundress.
(above: dress, earrings, belt, bag, shoes)

... with cuffed jeans.

... with short (or any length) shorts.

Do you have a favorite? I know I do! 


Linda Rose said...

Never would have thought to make that second outfit, but I'm in love with it! That top is so great!

Kindred Sole said...

I lv Espadrilles for Spring especially Espadrille wedges!! They are just arriving at Kindred Sole - so excited!

My Heart Blogged said...

You manage to keep it chic, and stick with a comfy shoe. I love the polka dot ones, and I would love to see you style them.
My Heart Blogged

Brooke said...

love these combos. i'm learning so much from you fashion forward bloggers. i don't know what rock i've been living under but i think it's finally been lifted!

Lili said...

I used to wear espadrilles a lot when I was a kid :-) My mom and I bought several on each trip to Spain. Yay for them coming back :-)
Oh by the way: Your second outfit? I'd wear that everyday for summer, if I only had one outfit to choose. It's perfect!

Relatable Style

VICKYFF said...

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