Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what's new... the Gap.

I always love to check out web retailers this time of year to peep out what is new and hot.  I'll be honest, pre-spring is a little awkward for clothing and not nearly as exciting as spring or fall lines for retailers.  It's a little awkward only because our minds are thinking new and fresh (spring!)... but usually the temps are thinking old and cold.  Regardless, there is nothing like new merchandise.

I'll be peeping out the stores to bring you what's new as it unfolds, of course.  Today... the Gap, who in general has been rocking my socks off and their pre-spring doesn't disappoint. What I love most about these pieces that they are layer-able.  Perfect for pre-spring because it makes them wearable now with extra layers and in two months from now with less layers, really you couldn't ask for more.

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Linda Rose said...

I totally want those white cropped jeans! And I wish they were selling the shoes that are being worn with the skinny jeans. Have you seen any similar?


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