Monday, December 27, 2010

my outfit: fatigues...

Does "fatigues" refer to my pants or my mood... could be both. After the Christmas bubble pops it's always a little hard to know up from down. Am I alone?

Do I post on the blog? Will my readers be there?
Do I clean the house or continue to let the madness reign?
Do I take down the Christmas tree or embrace the season for a few more days?
Do I stop eating cookies for-the-love-of and get to the gym... or keep on chowing like there is no tomorrow?

For now I'll just take it one step at a time... writing a blog post seems like a much easier alternative than cleaning or the cessation of eating.

I took a sip of the "skinny cargo kool-aid" and the verdict is still out. I like them, but I don't know if I love them... but I'll keep keepin' on. Do you have a pair? Do you love/like/other? Except if you are b.a. - I know she is doing the happy dance over in her neck of the woods right now. She's big on cargo.

I definitely went the casual route with them on this outfit. Cozy sweater, messy braid and furry boots. But I would like to try them a little more dressed up... I'm thinking that would be fun too.

Skinny Cargos, Old Navy
Sweater, LOFT (similar)
Lace top, Charlotte Russe (similar)
Bird Necklace, F21 (similar)
Boots, Minnetonka (Nordstrom Rack)
Earrings, Courtesy of FriedaSophie Jewelry... you can find them here!


MerciBlahBlah said...

Yup, love love LOVES my skinny cargos - wear em all the time. Yours are adorbs with the lace and Minnetonkas. Keyooooot!!!


Beth said...

Love the skinny cargos. I plan on searching for a pair on sale.


Linda Rose said...

I found a pair I wanted from Forever 21 and they didn't have them in my size, so I ordered them online and they were out! Ugh! I really want a comfy pair. How are yours? Are they stiff?
Going shopping a little today to maybe get some heels! Wish me luck!

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Linda, they are a little stiff... I'm hoping they will wear in a bit. I was trying on a bunch of heels at Nordstrom Rack last night and thought of you! Have fun!

Michelle said...

Love it - especially with those boots, they look cozy ;) I've only ventured to the skinny cargos yet, but it's tempting.

Leah said...

I hear ya! I am in a holiday daze. I really need some order so the Christmas decorations are going away today!
I love your sweet necklace, adorable!


kristen said...

I don't have any...yet. :) I keep seeing courtney cox wearing them on cougar town, with heels. LOVE 'EM.

livingladurée said...

I love this read my mind! I also love my skinny cargos even though I overpaid on the original J Brand Houlihans. I bought them LONG before there were so many reasonable knock offs...oh well. I wear mine with a fitted black blazer and sexy heels and they look just as adorable how you are rockin em!


b.a. said...

yay! woot-woot! doin' a happy dance!! love 'em! they'll grow on you as soon as you realize you can literally wear them with every top in your closet!!!

p.s. proud to be your b.a.! merry after-christmas to you! wish we could go shopping together! (hey--what's stoppin' me from driving up to MI?! or...maybe it's time for our chicago meet-up! ever been to the awesome outlet mall in aurora?)
should this comment go on? :)

karen★ said...

i love the pretty color of those cargos! great choice, especially with the lacy very cute.

of course we are still here! we all just have to get our of our sugar stupor long enough to leave a comment. my jeans are begging me to get to a gym i will join you in working out; as soon as i finish this ice cream!

Michelle said...

You look great! I've been kind of on the fence about skinny cargos, too, but now I need to try them!

Daphne said...

Love the lace top and the necklace. the loose braid suits you. I love skinny cargo's but also love loose cuffed cargos too.


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