Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my outfit: color play!

After the 30/30 Challenge was over I have to admit, I had a really hard time pulling outfits together.  I would once again gaze in my closet and weep (well, not really, but almost) that I had entirely NOTHING to wear.  I felt a little (I hate to admit this) that I had worn-out the 30/30 items - how many more variations ARE THERE? - and I was a little lack luster about what clothes remained.  So the last week or so has been me mopping around the house in uninspired outfits.

But then I focused my energy on the principles I learned during the challenge...

  • Trying new things!
  • Mixing new concoctions!
  • Boldly wearing outfits that are out of my box!
  • Being happy with what I have!

And whaddya know? It worked... for some reason it's easier with less selection - but the principles still work.  One thing I admired in other remixers throughout the challenge was the fun they had mixing and matching colors.  Really the challenge is as much fun to watch as it is to participate in, don't you think?

Plus, I haven't worn this velvet blazer yet this season and it really is one of my all time faves.

My little doll was "photo crashing"... at least she brought porridge.  Photoshoots can be tiring.

Jacket, JCrew (this season's version)
Scarf, Urban Outfitters (similar - SUPER CUTE!)
Jeans, F21 (similar)
Boots, Nine West (similar)
Bracelet, courtesy of Stella & Dot
Earrings, courtesy of Towne & Reese


hal900 said...

what color and brand is that GORG- nail polish!!!

Linda Rose said...

I totally think it's more fun to watch than participate. Ha ha! This round kicked my butt. Also, I noticed i put all my good clothes into the 30/30 and now have very few other items that I will actually wear and post. Sounds like I need to shop! EEK!

Kristen said...

Aww your daughter is adorable!

And I think you did a great job mixing colors. I personally think mixing colors can be pretty difficult, but so rewarding when its done right.

The Suburb Experiment said...

My 2-year-old daughter likes to "crash" shoots, too. Anyones. We are constantly having to tackle her before she joins complete strangers' family shots or ruins someone scenic pic. She loooves to have her photo taken. Your daughter is adorable!

I like your blog! Us mommys definitely have a bigger challenge looking good while staying functional.


AnaLisa said...

I LOVE that last picture! You are beautiful and your daughter is adorable. :) I agree with Hal900, great nail polish.

Jackie said...

Love the coral and olive colors together. Very cute outfit. Great nail polish too!

Chica said...

OMG...u have a daughter...shes adorable !

kris said...

Your blazer is amazing. I love the color.


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