Monday, December 20, 2010

good look for less, EXPRESS!

Today's good look for less EXPRESS is for Haley, she is a busy mom that works part time as a nurse. She is looking for outfits on her time off while hanging out with her kids, volunteering and the usual mom activities. And then some nicer outfits for church or spending time with adults for girls night or a date with her husband! She's also petite so it can be tricky to find pieces that fit her smaller frame.

Let's take a look at her outfits!

Down time from work and responsibilities can easily fall into the jeans and a tee rut. But here I chose a nicer t-shirt and some great jeans and comfy TOMS. This outfit is very relaxed, but still very pulled together. The perfect outfit for a busy mom.

For time away from the house like church or time with friends... I chose a simple outfit formula that is easy to recreate with items you own. Or if you don't own items similar to these, I suggest adding them as fabulous staples in your closet. A simple pair of cropped black pants and a fine gauge sweater can work in all sorts of settings.

I love this last outfit... Haley mentioned she tried skinny jeans and didn't like them. And while I do admit that a slimmer fit to jeans, like skinny fit, can take a while to get used to... this pair is a lot more forgiving and easier to wear. It's more of straight fit than a skinny fit and can still be tucked into boots for a modern look. This outfit would be great for a coffee date with a friend or a night out with your husband!

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Capital Barbie said...

This is most certainly my favorite out of all your consults. Great job!

AnaLisa said...

Love the outfit at the top!

Daphne said...

Like the first outfit with the down vest and pink TOMS. Different.


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