Thursday, December 2, 2010

clog boots...

You all know that I am IN LOVE with my UGG clogs... and even as much as I loved them when I bought them, I had no idea they would get as much use as they have. I could wear those guys EVERY day. But now that it's getting so cold, my little ankles are getting TOO cold when I wear them.

I've fallen in love with clog boots... and while most of the really gorgeous ones are very pricey - like this pair:

(Seaton Boot, French Connection, $220)

I'm almost wondering if I could get away with this cheap-o pair.

(Platform Clog Boots, Forever 21, $32.80)


Jenny said...

Loving the F21 pair!!!

daer0n said...

I love the F21 pair as well!

Jackie said...

I think you can def get away with the cheapo pair!

b.a. said...

oooh! i just ordered some clog boots--they're supposed to arrive today and i can't wait!!! i think the cheapo's actually look pretty good!

Lisa D. said...

I like the F21 boots, but I always seem to have bad luck with cheap shoes. They hardly ever fit me right, and they fall apart just when I start to break them in and love them. :)

I really like the laces on the top pair. I have these Vince Camuto clog oxfords that come in black, and they're pretty high, but pretty comfortable. They're on sale!

These are pretty cute, too -- I tried them on before I bought the cognac oxfords:

I bet any of them would look great on you, though! Let us know which ones you choose. :)

Daphne said...

Very cool boots.

karen★ said...

i found a pair at kohl's a few weeks ago that i absolutely loved...unfortunately, so did everyone else. the only size left was a 10. sometimes sizes suck.


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