Wednesday, December 1, 2010

23 of 30... a slight of hand.

It may LOOK to you like I just wore these jeans yesterday... and this top the day before. But that's just trickery and tom-foolery. Sometimes the camera does lie. Especially when you put an outfit on and the camera "forgets" to take your picture, so it's like you never wore it... or also when you put an outfit on and the camera tells you that you don't look so hot in that outfit. Those cameras, they don't always play nice.

I call this outfit the casual tuxedo... it's tux-ish, but comfy-ish too. Get this girl a bow tie... although I'll pass on the cumberbund. I mean really... what's up with those things anyway?

I need one of those cameras like they have at intersections that are always "watching" you... then they can just snap my picture as I fly around the house, or in and out of the house and then I can just edit them at the end of the day. I mean, really, is that too much to ask?

I would say that a good part of the "challenge" of the 30/30 Challenge is just taking your picture everyday. That is hard enough - and you have to decide what to wear on top of it all.

These gorgeous bracelets are Stella and Dot (one of my lovely sponsors!!!)... I just LOVE Stella & Dot. Specifically they are THIS and THIS bracelet. Absolutely PERFECT gifts for the holidays. Great price and super fabulous.

The earrings are Towne & Reese... lovin' them lots too!


Anne said...

Sharp outfit! The bracelets are great too.

annie said...

Really like those Stella and Dot bracelets!

Meredith said...

Simple and sweet. I think your outfits are just getting better through the thirty!

b.a. said...

umm, LOVE this outfit. i will copy it. maybe today. i'll take a pic & give you all the credit. promise! :)

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

super classy. you look great. I love how you can pull off such different looks. (makes me feel like I can do the same.)


Robyn said...

Great outfit!

dooverdecade said...

Love, love, love it! The bracelets look great with it. Just the touch of sparkle and glam the outfit needs.


Kristen said...

Really like this outfit. The flats & the bracelets are lovely.

And I hear you on the 'traffic camera' situation. Would make my life much easier just to sit down and edit already taken pictures, avoiding the awkward self-portrait moments.

v said...

great outfit!

karen★ said...

love the bracelets!! this outfit looks like you should be on a plane headed to your next conference for the seminar that you are giving (it's sold out of course!). i love it.

i think the hardest part of taking your picture each day would be doing your hair. i blow dry my bangs but the rest just takes too long sometimes. that is definitely something i admire about you.


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