Tuesday, October 5, 2010

shopping guide: camel!

The color camel has long been a classic (think London Fog or Burberry). And it's making a swing back through "trend" status this season. I still have some camel pieces from the last go round (which was maybe only 6 or 7 years ago?!). Pieces like scarves, shoes, classic sweater silhouettes and wool coats are great investments in classic colors like camel. They will NEVER go out of style and are always easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

I happen to love this color... it's very "fall in Paris" to me. Plus it's a great neutral - it's a true win - win. So invest in a new camel piece for your wardrobe this fall or bring out an oldie-but-goodie!

(1. Ultra Soft Cardigan, Gap, $49.50 2. Vintage Bateau Top, JCrew, $42.50 3. Square Hold All, TopShop, $70 4. Corset Peacoat, Express, $148 5. Lightweight Scarf, Forever 21, $5.50 6. Fitzwell Leslie Pump, Zappos.com, $62.10 7. Shawl Collar Belted Sweater, Express, $78)


canuck_grad said...

I love 1, 2, & 7!!

I've had this bookmarked for a while now:

I love the sweater in the first outfit. I guess it's slightly more neutral than these camel pieces, but similar. I am dying to find one to wear with a white t-shirt, but alas, there is no old navy near me and i hate buying things online. I might cave, though, and add it to my Xmas list!

Linda said...

I completely agree with canuck-grad. Those are my favorites, too!


Mandy Ford Art & Illustration said...

I just pulled out my camel colored leather handbag for fall - it is one of my favorite accessories. My husband bought it for me for Christmas going on I think 4 or 5 years ago and it just gets better with age. :)

Mandy @ This Girl's Life

Heather said...

Camel is always a classic. Great items, and perfectly affordably chic, too!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love all the styles shown here. Camel is definitely not my color, but I love it so. It's so classic.


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