Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my outfit: 7/30!

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Today I get to feature another really fun piece that TULLE sent over recently. It was LOVE at first sight with this dress. I am not a huge dress person, so for me it was a little short on it's own. Although if I had a day with no kids, that might be another story. Pairing it with jeans was the perfect match for me for running some errands and then hoping in the car for a road trip.

This dress is perfect for "pre-fall" - it's light enough to be comfortable on warm days, but paired with jeans and knee-high boots and a great jacket for fall (which I will definitely be doing!) will work just as well! I also just had a look-see and noticed that TULLE has some more new pre-fall pieces out... check it out!

Some of you have asked how I can wear jeans in the hot summer days. The fact is: I could go the rest of my life never wearing shorts. I just feel most comfy in jeans. It gets pretty hot here... mid 80's with lots of humidity. I don't wear jeans to the beach or pool obviously, but I do love to wear them. That's just crazy old me. Plus, I just HATE to be cold in the A/C - that's the other reason!

psst... stay tuned for tomorrow's post, I took the pictures at a fun Chicago location!

Dress, courtesy of TULLE
Jeans, Forever 21 (similar)
Sandals, Forever 21 (similar)
Bracelet, can't remember brand... got it on GILT though!
Purse, Rafe for Target (similar)


Michelle said...

love orange and love the dress!

Nicole said...

Love the orange! I saw this dress on Tulle's website the other day, and wondered how I could wear it because it did look short. It looks great with the jeans!

As for wearing jeans all summer, I'm glad I'm not the only one! You can usually find me in skirts, dresses, or jeans, and rarely shorts. I just don't like how they look sometimes, and like you, I just feel most comfortable in jeans.

M.O.T.B said...

love IT!!!!!

Linda said...

Oh, I totally agree. I don't like shorts at all! But I have to admit that I'm wearing a pretty cute pair that I scored on the Anthropologie sale rack a few weeks ago.
Also, you inspired me to pull out my old kakhi shorts when you wore yours a week or two ago!

SpryOnTheWall said...

Love this look! Adorable! Turquoise bracelet w/it is fabulous!

Melissa said...

That is a GREAT color on you! I'd love this with jeggings too, but the rolled jeans look fantastic.

Living in Florida, I can't really do jeans much during the summer, unless I know I'm going to be inside most of the day. I've been sticking with lots of skirts and dresses1

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit!! Great color on you...

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Smokin' outfit today, Jill! I love the orange tunic and the turquoise bracelet that ties in the jeans. Looks fab!

Heather Wright said...

I wear jeans all summer too! I live in Mississippi though, where the temperatures are routinely 95-100 in the summer. I can't believe 85 is hot for some areas, that is a nice relaxing spring or fall day for me :-)

Kendi Lea said...

LOVE that tunic!! Orange is so pretty on you.

ag. said...

great dress!
and i am with you on the jeans/shorts...i LOVE my jeans, they are my go to item and i really don't like to wear shorts. i prefer skirts if it's too hot but jeans are definitely the most comfortable.

karen★ said...

I really love that dress! I clicked over to it last week when you first had the Tulle site linked, & I love the price even more. I'm so happy that you paired it with jeans cuz that's exactly what I would have to do. I cannot imagine bending over with the neighborhood kids running around here....let alone my boys (eeek!)

p.s. you look so amazing in orange! & more power to you & your jeans!


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