Thursday, June 17, 2010

tots totes!

Do you get this thing on the internet where people just randomly cut off a word and make in a new word? Like totally becomes "tots" - like, I tots don't get it. I'm figuring it's due to Twitter... allowing people only 140 characters per thought could lead people to crazy things. Any way! Apparently the trend is catchy... I'm complaining about it AND utilizing it all at the same time. It's the future peeps. See, there I go again.

So what started as a post title where I tried to use alliteration, has now become random blabbering and trying to predict the future.


What I am actually here to chat about is totes. I'm a "big" handbag person... not as in I really like handbags... as in I like BIG handbags. For all the stuff and junk. And they make a statement too. I like that as well. In the form vs. function battle of handbags I usually go for form. So I should say: I like big handbags because they make a statement... and also because they carry all my stuff.

In the summer months I find larger bags to be of even more use. You never know what the day will bring. Snacks, spare clothes (for the kids), spf, sunglasses for four and then even more snacks are always in tow. Here's some totes that I would tots carry all summer...

I love the sweet but modern bow on this bag... so cute. It would be fun for the farmer's market as well! (Lauren Moshi, Kitson, $88)

The sunny yellow and draw string top on this bag have me hooked. How handy that the kids (or strangers) couldn't go rifling through my bag at any moment. (Mar Y Sol Straw Tote, $88)

Stripes, stripes, stripes! It never ends... and frankly, I don't want it to. This bag is just adorable! (Striped Tote, Gap, $32.99)

I love this tastefully executed metallic bag. This is probably my favorite of the bunch. It would go nicely with some fun silver TOMS! (Metallic Tote, Gap, $39.50)

What are you toting around this summer?

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Elena said...

Oohhh, I'm toting around my new pink tote I made! I'll email you :)


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