Saturday, May 29, 2010

jcrew summer sale.

I'm obsessed with JCrew lately. I admit it. I admit it's also slightly un-original at this point because everyone else is too. But I can't help it.

Their summer sale is ON right now... and if you know how these things go, you know the early bird gets the worm. Here's what I'm dreaming of snatching up...

Happy Memorial Weekend! I'll post more sales if I hear of them... (what is it about American holidays and sales?)

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b.a. said...

i JUST did an online order last night! got a couple of those gorgeous graphic t's (i feel like i live in their t's), and the black twill ankle matchsticks. i really want that simple hot pink chain necklace. but i'm hoping it will get marked down more.
don't you wish YOU were the one to spread the news to the world of j.crew's greatness? sigh. it does feel unoriginal, but i don't care! i'll follow the j.crew lemmings right off that cliff!

*however, i do feel kinda cool because my favorite shirt in 6th grade was a red, j.crew boatneck with little buttons on the side. it was pretty cute. but that was back in the day when j.crew was all primary colors and khaki pants. so maybe that makes me even more un-hip.


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