Friday, March 26, 2010

my outfit: lovely layers!

This season I have this instinctual draw to go back to the basics... If you follow runway trends at all, you will know that a lot of designers went this route as well. Albeit in a very "designerly" way. But I think there is something to be said for pulling out the basics and making them new again. This season I crave simple. Simple but still chic.

When I saw this hoodie on sale at Gap this weekend I knew I had to have one. (Well, I could've taken more than one to be honest!) It's the perfect intermediary to a jacket on a chilly spring day and a perfect warm-up on a cozy Sunday afternoon. I haven't bought or worn a "hoodie" since about 1999. Except maybe on one random camping trip or something. What I love most about this sweatshirt (I can't believe I am swooning about a sweatshirt!) is it's slim fit and straight lines. No puckering at the sleeves or the waist line make it about as plain and simple as it can get.

I knew my goal was to "dress it up" a bit... no slouch-wear around here! So for me, pairing it with a blazer, sequined sandals and a funky necklace was the perfect balance.

How do you feel about dressing up the basics this season? Does it sound boring or like comfort-food for you wardrobe?

Blazer, Gap (similar)
Hoodie, Gap
T-Shirt, Gap
Jeans, 7 for All Mankind (same fit by mine are old & faded!)
Sandals, Target
Necklace, Unknown (similar)


Today Hilary... said...

I love this outfit. It looks like my uniform while running around town. I love the cuffs on the jeans!

heather s. said...

They've been selling hoodies like that for years. :) I'm the proud owner of a few since I wear them camping and to run errands on weekends in the spring.

Love the necklace!

Living It At Home said...

I love layers. I will be sad when I can't wear them anymore when it gets too hot.

I went to Target looking for those sandals and could not find them. They are so cute with your outfit!


thirtynothing said...

I love the look of a hoodie under a blazer or jacket, and the cuffed jeans and sandals really work with this!

Kelly said...

Can you actually wear those sandals outside now where you live?? If so, very jealous! We're still wearing winter jackets here in Nova Scotia, although luckily all the snow has melted.... I heard on the radio we traditionally get 16% of our yearly snow fall after the first day of spring, though, so we're not out of the clear yet!

jen v said...

Love the idea of the hoodie under the jacket-never would have put them together on my own.I'll have to try it.

Dobbygirl said...

GREAT outfit!!!!

karen said...

This is definitely one of my favorites! I'll have to take a little trip to the GAP & see if I can snag a hoodie for myself!


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