Monday, February 15, 2010

my outfit: neutrals!

I tend to talk a lot about my "go-to" outfits. I have little formulas here and there (scattered, of course!) in my brain about my "style" of outfits. My "personal style". These little formulas I keep at hand, and then execute, all equate to my "personal style".

For instance, have you ever worn an outfit and someone has commented on how "that is such a (insert your name) shirt" or have you ever been out shopping with a friend and they pick up a pair of shoes and say... "these are so YOU!" - often times that is our "personal style" coming through. The common thread that runs through your wardrobe.

I believe it's important to honestly put your thumb on the pulse of your "personal style"... tweak it to make sure it fits the times (your personal style should be always evolving naturally - even if you really loved big hair in the 80's and it was very YOU then, it just won't cut it today) and then tune into it while shopping. Have you ever brought home a great top or a great pair of shoes... only for them never to be worn? I know I have. I think this speaks to your "personal style" - the shoes may be great, but they may not be YOU. Does that make sense?

This outfit is very "me" - it speaks very much to my "personal style". It's comfortable, pulled together but nothing over the top or really anything special. The fitted top/scarf/flats/bangle bracelet is a common formula for me.

What I love about this outfit is all the neutrals: grey, black, camel, gold, wood bangle. Keeping good textural elements like the gold shoes and wood bangle give the outfit visual interest and the jeans and grey top are just simple basics.

What is your "personal style"? Is there any way I can help you cultivate it? Send me an email goodlifeforless @ or leave a comment!

Scarf, Gift (similar)
Grey Top, F21 (similar)
Jeans, Seven for all Mankind
Flats, Nine West (similar)
Wood Bangle, F21 (similar)


Maria said...

this one looks so comfy and cozy love the scarf and shoes!

sara said...

I love your personal style. Mine looks pretty similar except for the flats part. I try to like flats but I always think they look cuter on other people. Granted, I am usually running around after my son all day so it's usually wedge boots in the winter and flip flops in the summer. I struggle with what shoes to wear a lot, esp. in the winter and fall. I need to embrace the flats more. I live in Texas so we can wear flip flops practically all year.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Oh geez, I SO need to determine my personal style - I feel completely devoid of it most of the time!

Amy said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog about a month ago and I just love it! I love all your special features. I don't know exactly what to call my personal style--maybe romantic classic?? I live in jeans b/c I'm a stay at home mom, but I love tops with alot of interest--color, ruffles, peplum waist, etc. I ADORE Anthropologie tops and dresses and skirts (although I don't wear dresses and skirts very often). The problem is that I'm on a tight budget and they aren't exactly budget friendly :). I'd love to get more of an "Anthro look" to my style. Any ideas on how to how to get the Anthro look on a budget?! Thanks so much! Amy :)

ms. less is always more said...

hmmm... I feel some more "personal style" posts coming up! Seems like I hit a cord with this. Thanks for all the comments/emails gals!

Boy Crazy said...

I love this, Jill. I don't have my thumb on what it is that makes my style personal, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with vivid color, or a funky take on something basic. I'm not sure. As you are witness to, my personal style has definitely morphed over the years (thank god!) but there has always been an element of funkiness.

As I've had to buy some new business-casual clothes for work, I've really wavered over looking too conservative or too classic (like my sisters?)...but you've inspired me - now I add a funky bracelet or scarf or a bright colored cardigan over my greys/browns/blacks and I feel a little more like myself, even in 'work' clothes.

(And I"ll admit I get my ideas by scouring through your archives or searching your site for how you've showcased a certain wardrobe piece! so Thanks to you!!)

You're doing such great things here, Jill.

xoxo elizabeth

PS~Erin said...

I love this look too. So pulled together, without looking like you tried hard at all.

Dobbygirl said...

Perfection! This is a great look! You are such an inspiration. I had a very clear personal style when I worked, but now (being a stay at home mom) it's a little fuzzy. :o) Still figuring it all out...


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