Thursday, February 4, 2010

good LOOK for less: Donnelle!

While I haven't been posting a lot of wardrobe consults lately, I have been busy as a bee behind the scenes with them. Today's consult is for Donnelle... here's a bit about her:

I am in desperate need of some help! am very bad about choosing blacks, grays, tans, etc. so I would love to add some color, but nothing too crazy. I prefer modest clothing and usually wear skirts but I'm having a hard time combining modest and stylish. My choice of clothing is usually more casual than dressy. However, I have sadly succumbed to the "mommy" syndrome. I just don't feel very put together anymore. I never make time to shop and keep up my wardrobe and end up wearing the same things over and over.

I think Donnelle has similar concerns that a lot of us moms have about our wardrobes. Finding the time to keep up with the trends and stay modern can be difficult. I think that makes it even more necessary to invest in pieces that fit you great and look great so that even if you are often pulling out what feels like the same thing from your closet week after week... at least it looks good on you!

Donnelle had a budget of $250. Within that budget I was able to compile 19 new wardrobe pieces and 6 total outfits. My main goal was to choose modern pieces that were still modest and versatile. Here's a peek at her shopping list: (click the picture for the entire list)

Now let's take a look at a couple of the outfits... I pulled 6 all together, but the options are endless with these mix and match friendly pieces.

A simple shirt dress can be a simple foundation for many different outfits. Here I paired a belt and boots with the dress to keep it modern and fun!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Layers are key for this time of year and by simply shedding the sweater, Donnelle will be spring-ready in this outfit.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Denim skirts never seem to go out of style. They are simple to wear and keep an outfit looking chic and fun. Metallic accents are still super modern - so here the flats and belts are a no-brainer.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle


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The Corums said...

Wow! These are fantastic... and what a bargain!!! You've insprired me to take a peek in my wardrobe and start working out the "kinks". I definitely need help.

Magchunk said...

These are great mix and match pieces! That floral top is perfect for this spring!


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