Monday, January 18, 2010

what to wear: Crew Cuts!

Let's dream a bit, shall we? I just adore JCrew children's line: Crew Cuts. The prices are exorbitant, but it never hurts to LOOK, now does it?

These outfits were so fun and easy to put together... like stealing candy from a baby, I tell you!

This outfit has a touch of sweet and a little bit of sassy too... I am loving the army-inspired skirt - I think we will be seeing a lot of this style this spring, for kids and adults.
J.Crew at ShopStyle

Sweet layers and bold flats. Need I say more... ?
J.Crew at ShopStyle

Any little guy would be completely adorable, and comfy, in this fun outfit! I could totally see my little guy in this!
J.Crew at ShopStyle

This outfit epitomizes what JCrew and Crew Cuts do best. A little edgy and a whole lot sweet. How they can use pirate/skull heads and make it so adorable? I have no idea!
J.Crew at ShopStyle


paula said...

crewcuts is our favorite. Although we stick to the outlet and online sales:)

sara said...

I love crewcuts! Their stuff is always adorable. They do have really good sales. I always pick up my son a few pieces from them.

Polished Sense said...

such a cute post lady. Loving your picks for all the fabulous pieces :D


Thanks for the comment!

Lillymom said...

Did you know Target has those same cute boy pants with the skull and cross bones. Gotta love a little JCrew inspiration and Target.

Elaine said...

These are SO adorable!!! I absolutely love the second outfit you posted.

Kristi said...

So cute! I wish I could dress my kids in JCrew.

Dobbygirl said...

Completely adorable, I can only wish!

Maria said...

The second girl outfit and the last boy outfit are so great, fresh, and hip!!! You hit it out of the park, girl!!


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