Wednesday, January 20, 2010

good look for less: Jen, my bestie!

My best friend from college and I were chatting the other day (as we only get to do about once a month these days) and she mentioned she wanted me to pull some outfits together for her. She's a busy mom of two boys who also is a successful consultant for Arbonne International. Her days are spent as a usual mom, but most of her evenings are spent out and about at parties, shows or meeting with prospects. She wants a look that fits her work at home lifestyle, but something that also makes her presentable to customers and business colleagues as well. In general, Jen has a laid back casual style so I wanted to be sure to reflect that here in outfits that are refined, but still fit her taste.

Her budget was in the $200's, but being the good friend I am, I just had to throw in some extras (don't tell her husband it was me!). Here's what her $300-ish shopping list looks like... (click on the picture for the full list)

Next up the outfits... I kept it casual with a pair of nice jeans and a basic jean skirt - khaki skirts also look like they are on the rise for this spring, and that would make a simple swap as well.

At it's core, this outfit is just jeans and a t-shirt. But the top here has some visual interest or extra "flair" to it, so it comes off as much more than a basic tee. I added some nice boots and gold accessories and this outfit is super chic but simple at the same time!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

Military style jackets, like this one, are great as a little jacket or as a permanent piece in an outfit. The outfit is a bit forward thinking to spring. Jen lives in Seattle so she doesn't have a super cold winter, but March is just around the corner!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Short sleeved tops like this one (also featured in the outfit above)... are really hard workers in your wardrobe because they can be easily layered for winter (now) and worn on their own for spring (later).
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Happy Shopping Jen. Love ya' girlie!


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Elisa @ whatthevita said...

Love the jewelry that you find. Do you notice that the jewelry at Forever 21 is much better on the website than in the stores? At least, in the stores here in Austin..

ms. less is always more said...

elisa, I do usually find that the selection online is different than at the store... seems like at the store you have to dig through stuff. Or at least at the one I go to!

Kotori said...

Love that flutter shirt from Old Navy. Jill, you always pull together the most amazing outfits!


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