Wednesday, December 2, 2009

shopping guide: {play dress up!}

One thing everyone looks forward to this time of year is "playing" a little dress up for holiday parties or New Year's celebrations. Since there are a million things to spend money on this time of year... here is my simple solution to looking great while saving some money. My favorite way to dress up is to chose an all black outfit (skirt, top, jacket, dress pants, etc) and then accentuate with fun and bold accessories.

You likely already have black wardrobe staples in your closet and these accessories are inexpensive and will get more bang for your buck over the long haul than an expensive cocktail dress that you may only rarely wear.

Choose one or more of these items and you are set to go!

(Arden B, $12)

(Old Navy, $8.50)

(Forever 21, $10.80)

(Forever 21, $3.50)

(Nine West, $59.99)

(Express, $27.65)

(Forever 21, $42.80)


Down and Out Chic said...

that striped clutch is the perfect dress up accessory! nice finds.

Lizzy said...

Great idea! And so affordable! Hmmm...what to get first?

paula said...

love the ring! it would dress up any outfit and match my fabulous new key chain, which I adore!


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