Monday, November 30, 2009

dressing for the holidays...

I did an informal poll on Twitter this past weekend about how you dress for the holidays...

The question was: For the holidays, with friends and family, do you dress up or go for a casual chic look for the day?

The responses I got were all "casual chic" - and I feel the same way! For hanging out with friends and family on the holidays I want to look cute, but also be ready for an impromptu nap as well! My Thanksgiving day was spent making dinner for my husband and kids and my brother joined us. It was a cozy little meal with tons of great food and my crazy kids being crazy. Here's a bit what my outfit looked like:

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

I wanted to be comfortable in the kitchen (and on the couch later!) but still cute and put together. I am absolutely obsessed with leggings lately! I need to pick up some other colors, but for now, black works with just about anything! Here I paired them with a flowy yellow/gold top and red accessories for a fun fall look. Then gold accessories brought the look together.

How do you like to dress for the holidays?

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PS~Erin said...

I usually always wear jeans, just a bit dressed up for the occasion. I always stress more abt what to dress the kids in for some silly reason.


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