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Here are a few of really great e-books I have written and produced! You are sure to enjoy them!

This e-book started as an inspiration for myself as I desired to depend more upon timeless classics in my wardrobe than flash-in-the-pan trends. Trends are fun and definitely have a place in our personal style and in our closets. However, the items featured here are staples to your style and wardobe that will last and inspire for years to come. Take some time to peruse the fifty pages and be inspired. The items featured are just examples of what these pieces may look like in your own wardrobe... use them as inspiration and then find something that you absolutely love in its place. You may already own many of the 50 things, have fun finding new ways to wear them! Or, like me, you may still be finding the perfect pieces to round out your simple and classic wardrobe... enjoy!  (for a peek inside the book... click here!)


The e-book retails for $30 and it is over 25 pages long and over 10,500 words - apparently I have a lot to say on the subject! I am so incredibly passionate about blogging and when you read this e-book you will realize my passion and hopefully it will be contagious!  I hope you see this e-book as an incredible opportunity to invest in your blog or your blogging career.

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I recently decided to compile the three most basic tips and tricks that pack a serious punch that I have learned over the years of taking my outfits photos (well, technically my husband taking the photos and me editing them).

When I first started taking outfit photos I had no clue what I was doing - I would have absolutely LOVED to have gotten my hands on these three simple tips two years ago. 

The only thing I ask is that you share this on Facebook or Twitter for me!  It would mean the world to me... plus I made it super simple for you...

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Now... the sharing part, right?!?! 
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