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One question I seem to get more and more these days is about my relationship with Beautycounter.  

Beautycounter is a company committed to getting SAFE products into the hands of everyone.  The United States has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients in our personal care products since 1938.  We put thousands of chemicals in our body everyday via our skin.  Beautycounter's mission is to make sure they are safe.  Beautycounter has banned over 1,500 potentially harmful ingredients for their brand setting a standard in the personal care industry for safety.  We put extra thought about what we put in our bodies these days with organic and non-gmo foods.  But many rarely think about the harmful chemicals we put ON our body.  

I became in Consultant with Beautycounter the fall of 2014.  At that time I began using their products and not only saw a HUGE improvement in my skin, but I also started making a commitment to myself and my family to make smart decisions not only about the ingredients we put IN our body… but also the ingredients we put ON our body.  Peace of mind came first… great glowing skin came second.  And I've never regretted it!

If you are looking to improve your skin and take your skincare routine to a whole new level, I can't recommend these products enough.  If you are concerned about your health and the health of those in your family and are already making commitments to eat smart and exercise… why not take your overall health one more step and consider the products you put on your body as well.

If you are interested in which products I use regularly from Beautycounter… see the layouts below.   I've tried almost all of the products - so if you have a question about a product you don't see here - send me an email to ask about it! If you are interested in the business aspect of Beautycounter… read on below.

Soothing Face Wash
Gentle Exfoliator Polish Cream (2-3x a week)
Enlightening Treatment Pads (2-3x a week - LOVE these!)
Rosewater Uplifting Spray (as a toner)
Vibrant Eye Protector (eye cream)
Lustro Oil (this has hands down completely transformed my skin!)

Tint Skin Foundation with SPF
Color Sweep Blush Duo in Tawny/Whisper
Lip Shine

Soothing Face Wash
Enlightening Treatment Pads (2-3x a week - LOVE these!)
Nourishing Cleansing Balm (2-3x a week - like a facial at home!)
Rosewater Uplifting Spray (as a toner)
Vibrant Eye Protector (eye cream)
Restorative Night Cream
Lip Conditioner in Peppermint

Don't be overwhelmed though… I just started with a few products and added more as I ran out of other items or as I was ready for something new.  If you are just starting and want to go slow… I recommend  starting with the Lustro Face Oil.  From there the Vibrant Eye Cream, the Color Sweep Blush Duo and the Enlightening Treatment Pads are a great investment for your skin.

You can also use this handy reference when checking out the safety of the products you already own… how many of these potentially harmful ingredients are in things you own and use currently? I was shocked when I went through my own items.  These items are either known carcinogens, known hormone disruptors or are toxic to the system over time.

If all of this is intriguing to you and you want to learn more - please email me or check out my Beautycounter website!

There is also a business aspect to this amazing company too! 
Do you love beauty, health and wellness?
Do you love sharing great new products with friends and family?
Are you looking to make some money on the side for yourself or your family?
You can do all that with Beautycounter - from home, on your own terms, 100% as it works for you!
You get to be your own boss!

I would love to help you get started… so think about it and email me with any and all questions you may have. 


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Camille said...

What is wrong with using retinol or vitamin a ?
I have been using a prescription cream with only 0.01 % retin a and it miraculously has been keeping my skin clear of zits. I am nearly 37 so it feels so good to finally have nice skin ! I apply sunscreen daily as recommended when using this product.
I was thinking of getting into using and promoting all natural makeup, but I am not sure if I can easily let go go of a product I finally found works ! When it comes to acne, it is very very difficult to find a cure.
Also, is Beautycounter sold in Canada ?


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