Monday, April 29, 2013

50 things every woman must own!

Today I am so happy to announce that I have updated the classic e-book into a simple at-a-glance visual for your (and my!) reference!  This began as an inspiration for my own closet as I desired to depend more on classic and timeless pieces over flash-in-the-pan trends.  While trendy items are fun and serve a certain purpose in our wardrobe, these 50 pieces are here to last and to inspire for years to come.

I highly suggest you take some time to peruse the list and think about what pieces are missing or need updating in your own closet.  The pieces I chose here are just examples of what your own 50 pieces might look like, use them as inspiration and then find a similar piece that you absolutely LOVE.  You may already own many of these pieces or you may be setting off on building a strong foundation for your closet.  Wherever you are in your closet-building I hope you are inspired by this list!

see you around...

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