Monday, May 4, 2009

a little giveaway!


In honor of Mother's Day this coming weekend... I am hosting my FIRST EVER giveaway on this blog! Yeah, how fun!

On Friday, I will be choosing THREE lucky readers to receive a knitted cuff from my etsy store!


Here's the rules:
1) You must leave a comment on THIS post... your comment must be an answer to one of these questions (or it will be disqualified)
- What is the biggest lesson you have learned from being a mother?
- What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your mother?

2. You may only enter once... so make it good!
3. Winner will be drawn on Friday, May 8, 2009 by random.
4. Once the THREE winners are announced, it is first come first served to choose which cuff to make your own... so act quick! (I will leave comments on your blog or send you an email to notify you if you've won)


One other note... if there is something you have your eye on at the store - you may want to snatch it up now (like the cuff with the red button that I want to keep for myself)! Once Friday hits the shop will be pillaged by the winners!


Have fun and play nice! xo


Kim Ray said...

Biggest Lesson I learned from being a mother? 1. How much you could love another person....there is no end to how much I love my daughter. 2. How much my daughter watches and listens to everything I do and has made be all around a better person b/c I am constantly thinking about what she will think.

christina said...

The biggest lesson I've learned (so far) is that there's no one right way to do things. Every family has to find out what works for them.

P.S. So excited about the giveaway!

down and out chic said...

i'm not a mother so i'll have to answer the other question. hmmm, biggest lesson my mother taught be very wise about who i love (who i choose to marry). she taught me not to settle, no matter what and take as much time as i need getting there.

Kotori said...

How fun - I didn't know you were opening a shop! Congratulations... I just went and checked it out. Everything is so cute (I think I like the red button one too!).

Biggest lesson learned from being a mother? Patience and the meaning of unconditional love. Everyone tells you that you will love your baby, but I don't think you can ever truly prepare for that heart stopping moment when you see them and you are overcome with love for that tiny baby. And the funny thing is that as much as you think you love them in that moment, your love continues to grow every single day. It's amazing.

Boy Crazy said...

Lesson learned from being a mother: From the moment of your first child's birth to your dying day, you have said a sweet farewell to the days of being "un-interruptible."

Jackie said...

Fun giveaway! What I automatically think of when it comes to my mom and the lessons she has taught me is this: whenever I am feeling down and out, she would always tell me "Buck up beaver!". Sounds really silly, I am sure, but I always repeat this to myself when I am having a bad day and it cheers me right up. I think because it reminds me of her, and I can picture her saying it to me (we live three hours apart-so I constantly miss her). Pretty random, huh?

Miss Aimee said...

the biggest lesson i have learned from being a mother is: PATIENCE. with three kids i always need to remember to be patient and listen to each child every day bc even though it may sound unimportant to us at teh busy moment they are trying to tell us all about whatever it may just be teh MOST important thing ever to them that shapes their future existance, right?! So i listen to my kids when they talk(weel ltry to most of teh time). xo

Morgan said...

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from being a mother? With as little time as I get to spend with my baby girl, my old habit of doing this rightthissecond has been reformed. Those dishes wait until she goes to bed so I can get as much time with her as possible!

Thank you for this awesome giveaway! Your cuffs are adorable!

PS~Erin said...

Biggest lesson: Tthat I don't have to or need to be in control at all times... It's my job to teach my kids to make their own choices. Oooh, and this is tough to do at times.

Love your cuffs! Way to go on opening your shop!!